Hard Rock Cafe & Hotel, Singapore

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore received the Gold Award for:
Best 5 in Asia in the Category of HAPA Signature Deluxe Hotel

*kasi intro membuak-buak dulu..baru semangat nak post! ceh!

the friendly frontliner

 deluxe room (queen bed)

ini bukan pirate, talak juai punya.

benjol kepala berlanggar dengan lampu ni. cantik memang cantik, rasa nak cabut buat rantai je.aish!

 abang-abang hot 80an 


one for me, and one for me. 

 pool sidewalk

ikan dugong dipersisiran pool HR -.-

Hard Rock Cafe

band baru

ok dah dapat kumpul minyak masak 1peket, boleh balik! yeay!

 HRH main entrance

What can I say more? HR has never been disappointed in anyway.  No wonder they have a lot of loyal customers around the world. You will in love with their unique decoration, friendly facilities and staff, cool stuffs, double size pool, etc. The good thing is HRs located a nearby USS, which is the biggest attraction place in Singapore, strategic place I guess! pandai market eh! J

I don’t know whether should you take a note or not: They’re really taking seriously on punctuality. If the breakfast buffet take off at 10am. They’re really mean by 10. Yes, I know dear. I learned from my experienced. Therefore, make sure you be there early!
HR Shop in Hotel close at 10pm.

Singapore 098269
Reservations: (+65) 6577 8899

What are you waiting for? get your butt over here! J

more info: click here


Anum said...


emma dangdut said...

manyak syokk hohoho! :D hehe

Sue-Rya Qistina said...

woooooowwwww wiiiiii. super duper best ni!

Syida@Mrs K said...

bestnyer..review baek punya buat orang nak jejak jer....Hope ada rezeki sampai sana anak beranak. ;)


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