married?like serious?

i want to get married!
haha! could you please stop joking.haha!
yes i am..
married? like serious babe?
oo my... oo my...
my best friend is getting married soon!
i still remembered when people keep asking us when we gonna get married? we were just like pointing each other. and they thought that i will get married first.aaaaaaaaaaaaand i thought sooo too.haha. kenapalah lupa nak betting kan?aiyak!
i need your help and views.
im still in the middle of convincing myself not to believe..but how could this happen? Are you sick babe?
noo! ma please..
ok ok.now where to start?
the dress of course!
fine! I know you’re liked something simple and sweet. Baju kurung kedah?
gila ke? U want me to look like macik kantin jual hotdog? It’s a wedding!and i want baju kurung moden.
Oook. What is coming through my head right now is Scha Alyahya..the baju she’s wearing on press conference and nikah..cantik kan?
and yaaaaaaaa...and i need some time to google.
ok! catch you later!

from the day i knew, i still not doing my part. Not because i’m not supportive.i'm shocked! but then i realize and thankful later that she found a man with a good heart. i'm so happy!

teringat dulu bila they’re always get fight and she’s cried all night long sampai bawa diri sorang sorang pergi PD.punyalah berani! i don’t know how to advice. one of our friend said, ‘ubat korang ni kahwin je..’ haha!

 i noticed that to be ‘masin mulut’.Haha!

dear babe, i promise you i will always be on your side when..your make up needs to touch up!
haha! love you babe! :*


Anum said...

best friend forever

Sue-Rya Qistina said...

so sweet je kisah percintaan dia..hehehe..semoga selamat semuanya!

(pssstt..tuan punye belog bila lagi..ngeeee~)

Shinnaz Ahmad Rasid said...

ma..bila ko nak kawin? lalalalal~

mama qis said...

Yang... Aku pun x percaya beb!huhu.. Tp kita doakan mereka bahagia hingga akhir hanyat... Ko bile lg??


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