presentation - short speech

5years babe, 5years.It’s been quiet long time I’m leaving my study life. All those good memories always in my heart and will never erase. I miss every second of it such as shorthand, lecturer merajuk, naik prebet sapu, struggling for our exam day, preparing a group presentation, doing assignment till late night, making video on the last semester, etc. It was so much fun. How can I forget. uh! I miss it.

Because of that, I made my drastic decision to further my study.

Mind and whole body still shocked but no matter what, I have to face it. Since today, I do not know how to describe how I felt. I just follow the flow and get ready to gamble rumble in exam and presentation.

There is one day our lecturer gave us a choice whether to do public speaking in front of the class or one to one. We were shouting like cray to make sure madam hear our voice. padahal boleh aje cakap slow slow. takut punya pasai -.- Angin nervous sula datang. mulalah sakit perut datang. I try to calm and take it as positive way. *pujuk hati lara*

nasib baik last last madam agreed buat berasingan. yippy!

The law of the games;
  1. Pick one piece of paper
  2. 2minutes to write-down the points what-eva is in your head. -.-
  3. 3minutes to do the short speech.
  4. Must have
    • Greeting, introduction
    • Titled of the presentation
    • First point – explained – example
    • Second point – explained – example
    • Third – explained – example
    • Conclusion
The pictures taken when we’re outside of the class.
 tak sempat tangkap gambar time kak ain waving us. kami apa lagi gelak terbahak bahak.

Kak Ain doing her moves to ela-bo-rate her feeling. ghee!

sorry for bad quality photos. handphone cap hayam -.-

memang gugup but Alhamdulillah madam smiled. No other reaction nampaknya. Hopefully everything goes well. Now I can sleep tight. :)


Aroma Ikan Bakar Jeram

Mom : Where we're going for dinner?
(Silent awhile)
Abg Kroll : Why don't we try at Aroma Ikan Bakar Jeram?
We’re just like: What??Huh??
Abah : Its quiet far Kroll..
Sounds ridiculous in this particular hour.mau gelap bah.
Kroll : Sempat.. (full of confident!)
Angah : (smiling devil) let’s go boys! (lari ke bilik air)
Tysha : (Tysha stone je)
Angah : Tysha move!
Tysha : Mama tak sebut ‘and a girl’ pun..
Angah : aiyak!

Sumbatlah semua 6 dewasa 5 cucu satu kereta.nasib muat.hahaha! The journey not so long. if you’re from Bandar Bukit Raja, it takes about 45minutes to reach there.sedang sedang elok sebelum pinggul kebas mebas ni. Finally we're safely arrived and i remembered the first word came cross in my mind was.. ‘oowaaau’. The restaurant's huge man and the sunset view really impressed me. nice place in the middle of nowhere.i didn't know where i am now.haha! The view was awesome and peaceful even there’s so many customers come in and out. siap boleh main booking-booking lagi. Come give’em a try!

I pay more attention to this girl.tengok tengok gelagat bikin panas nak cobit cobit!!

angah jalan laju laju takut habis..adik dia terpaksa jalan laju laju nak ambil gambar :P

a gift from atok.ada ada je abah ni.dah macam pocket doraemon.

gasing angry bird -.-

Sorry food photos not included. Habis dibedal oleh Sham’s wifey + daughters and Angah’s family! Hehe!
See more review and pictures from others;

Alamat : Aroma Ikan Bakar, 
Jalan Jati off Jalan Pantai Jeram, 
Pantai Jeram, 45800 Jeram, Selangor
Tel : 017 – 3163117 (En. Naim) atau 019 – 2084452 (Pn. Hazura)
Facebook : click here
last but not least, Thanks to Angah belanja makan.kami doa Angah sentiasa dilimpahi pahala, rezeki, rahmat dan kesihatan yang baik baik.Amin. (ini bukan ayat minta belanja lagi :P ikleh dari hati..hehe! we loving it!!)


life in campus

I have been waiting for the day for some time. I am eager to learn new things in life. New year has giving me a new motivation to improve myself. A new motivation for a successful future ahead. Previously my weekend schedule will filled with a lot of activities such as window shopping, watching movies or went out with my family. But this year, my weekends schedule will need to change but I am all excited about it.
Excitedly, I got up early at 6 in the morning by myself which is very rare to me. Usually my mom sweetest voice will need to wake me up. Ironing my favorite baju kurung and getting ready for the class. I told myself this going to be a great day!
Nervous, excited yet worried filling the air inside the class as I entered the room. Most of my classmates were talking about English communication subject. My classmate having the same worried feeling as English is not commonly used among us.
The lovely teacher’s voice and presentation had calmed me a bit. Her explanation and clear English spoken had caught my attention. She had helped us to manage the class schedule to ease up the learning process. She even provides us references and contact details to help us to learn and understand the subject better.

Being a part time student, I find this very helpful and was very grateful for her affectionate to help the student to learn better. I find her approaches had influence the student to feel excited to learn and improve ourselves. During the class I need to introduce myself and sharing my view and expectation of the subject with my classmates. Of course being a Personal Assistant this is very usual to me. But, personally I want to converse better English because I know this will definitely help me in my career.
I am not good in controlling my nervousness. Reading an article in front the whole class is making me nerved wrecked. My hands tremble while reading the simple piece had end up making me making fool of myself. Accidentally I had pronouns Kepala Batas as Kelapa Batas. The whole class laughed and I wished I could just hide under the seat. But positively thinking I told myself “at least I tried” and urged myself to smile. So I got a new nickname, “ Coconut”.
My lecturer reminds us learning supposed to be fun and we should love the subject. Human being easily adapt to something they think they love and like to do it.
As for me challenges are part of life. Ups and downs of life cycle are created for human kind to think and cope with it. My decision to continue my studies while working is one of the hardest things I need to do. But today I think I start to enjoy every minute of it. 


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