wake up rara.

On 19th of March 2010, Zarith Nadhira@Rara went into coma for 2 months due to a mild asthma. Initially she was admitted at Darul Ehsan Medical Centre Shah Alam, subsequently referred to Subang Jaya Medical Centre, was admitted in ICU. Alhamdulillah she woke up from coma but was unable to speak or communicate with her parents, relatives & friends. She needs to be fed through a tube at her lower abdomen. Her hands & legs were stiff until today and she needs further medical treatment from specialists at University Hospital. Her diagnosis is Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy, in simple explanation : brain injury due to lack of oxygen because she had difficulty breathing. Hospital cost for the treatment at Subang Jaya Medical Centre came about RM80,000.00 not to include the cost at DEMC and later some other cost incurred at Sunway Hospital. This time her follow up treatment at Hospital University require intrathecal medications for her spastic episodes which would involve;

1) EDM Lumber Drainage Kit, Qty 1 costing RM900.00 per unit
2) IT Baclofen test doses 1ml/vial (50mcg/ml) Qty 3 costing RM115.00 per unit
3)Intrathecal Drug Delivery Package
i.e Synchromed Programmable Pump, Two piece catheter kit, Tunnel rod Qty 1 costing RM45,000.00
4)IT Baclofen 20ml/vial (500mcg/ml) Qty 1-2 vials /mth costing RM670 per unit

his time the cost would be about RM47,000.00 excluding hospital fees.
The treatment were so costly as such we hope donations from you will lighten the burden that Nadhira's parent had to bear. Thank you for your kind donations and may Allah bless you. 

 picture taken from her fb

Maybank Account Details
Account Holder Name: Zarina Binti Amir
Account Number: 112183147486

Please contact Zarina Amir (Nadhira’s mother) @ 012-3603509 or 
email, zarinazikry@gmail.com for further infos. 


written by Mediha Omar (Nadhira's cousin)

before the incident.click on;
..19th March 2010, Lanie, Rara and kawan-kawan yang lain plan nak spend time together. Alaaaa, biasala hujung minggu. Ada yang pergi camping, ada yang pergi shopping, ada yang pergi clubbing, but they choose to go for cycling. Diorang pergi kat area Mahkamah Shah Alam tak salah aku. Ada orang cakap tempat tu keras. Tak tahu lah, orang cakap. Semua tempat kat Shah Alam pon keras, nak nak rumah teres kat Seksyen 2 tu. Melayu buat terok sungguh. Eh, tapi Lanie pon pernah cakap tempat tu keras. Okay, back to our topic. Diorang pon enjoy cycling kat situ. Out of sudden masa tengah have fun, Rara terduduk and sesak nafas. Yes, diorang sedia maklum tahu yang Rara ada asthma, dan mungkin ni asthma attack yang normal. Rara minta hantar dia pergi hospital terus sambil tahan sesak nafas tu. Masa kelam kabut tu, Lanie suruh kawan dia ambil kereta while Lanie tanya Rara nak dia buat CPR tak memandangkan Lanie tahu how to do it. Tapi Rara cakap tak payah and terus ulang minta hantar dia kat hospital. Masa dalam kereta Lanie sempat cakap-cakap lagi dengan Rara but then, Rara diam and mulut dia dah berbuih-buih. Sampai je hospital, doktor cakap dia dah koma. Lanie cakap doktor tu rasa masa dalam kereta dah kena dah. Imagine how will you handle the situation?...


(my prayers are always with you dear.be strong..)
spread the love pips, you never know what's going to happen next..


wardah @ fie shah said...

Semoga Rara cpt sembuh and boleh sembang² dgn kwn² dia semula.

emma dangdut said...

sedih kn kak fie..kita dngar pun rasa berat apatah lagi bahu memikul..aduhai..dugaan

..::SangRatoo::.. said...

ouh..sedihnyee...semoga die cepat sembuh..btw..adakah lelaki itu zizan raja lawak?

emma dangdut said...

kak jue.ak ah..zizan datang melawat..kita doa sama sama ya.Amin :'(


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